Winterlager 2014

The funny green winterworld

Would you like to know what a year 7 does at the beginning of the year? Yes, then read the text.

Tuesday was our fave day because, the breakfast was tasty for the first and the last time. We had breakfast with hot chocolate, rolls with honey and butter and bananas. Yummi. After breakfast we could decide between yoga, jogging or snowman building. Our decision was: yoga. Mrs. Halbrock learned us the ‘crow“ and other yoga exercises. Our yoga lesson was very interesting and funny but, we needed more strength than we had thought. After the yoga lesson we didn't have any power and we slept for one hour. Then we played ‘snorta’, a very funny game. At 12 o' clock our class ate lunch: rice with chicken and vegetables. After lunch two classes went to a mine „Grube Tannenberg“. But we got lost in the wood because, we used different routes. It was horrible. We called the teachers guiding the other class and asked them for help. They explained the correct way. But we lost a lot of time. Therefore we decided to walk back to our youth hostel and not to visit the mine. After the turn to our youth hostel we took a shower before we had dinner. In the evening we went to the disco and had a lot of time fun before we went to bed.

This was the most exciting day of our trip to Klingenthal.

The winter camp

What does a group of 12-or-13-year-old boys and girls do after the Christmasholidays ? They go to the ski camp without snow.

We went by the “royal class“ bus to the youth hostel in Klingenthal. The toilet was icy in the bus, so it was not really so royal. After arriving we got to our rooms but there wasn`t a toilet as well. Then the problems started because we had to walk. We all lied down on the path because it was very slippery. After a long walk we came home and fell into our beds. In the evening we met in one of the girls` rooms. It was great. On the second day we walk in the wood and got lost because we didn`t have a map. So we went back home. It was a walk for 5 hours, horrible! On the other days we limped from mountain to mountain. The best thing was the day in the fun-swimming pool with many slides and dirty showers. We haven´t said anything about the food because it was Ok. We put our dirty clothes into the bags and went home by the not so royal bus.

All in all it was the best and royal (and I hope the last without snow) ski camp ever!!

Written by: FINE and THEO

Wintercamp Without Snow

At 11.30 we arrived am at the youth hostel on the Aschberg in Klingenthal. Before we got to our bedrooms, the teachers explained the rules. For example, we had to go to bed at 10.00 o`clock in the evening. After that, the three classes 7a,c and e got their bedrooms. Our class 7a got three bedrooms: two for the girls and the third for the boys. Before we went on a short hike, we ate lunch.

After we came back, we had dinner: salad and bread. Then we went into our bedrooms where we play little games or talked together. At 10.00 o`clock in the evening we lay in our beds and at11.30pm we were sleeping. On the next morning we had breakfast. The teachers explained the different activities for the morning. We could choose between jogging, yoga or snowman building.

After lunch we went on a long hike to visit a mine. It was funny because there was ice on the way to slide. We were almost at the mine but the 7a got lost. Only two children were with the other class and found the way. When we came the way back we found our class. On the third day we walked to the skij ump. I don`t know how ski jumper can jump down from these ski jumps. On Thursday we did a scavenger hunt against the other classes. After lunch we went swimming. It was very cool to slide the chutedown. On Friday we packed our bags and went home.

That was our “wintercamp“ without snow but though really cool.

by Ainhoa, 7a